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SMATh World

Welcome to SMATh World, a leading 3D art studio reshaping the NFT landscape with imaginative collaborations and unparalleled 3D craftsmanship. Our vision is centered on creating captivating digital assets that not only appeal to collectors but also pave the way for new opportunities in the web3 ecosystem, strengthening the essence of SMATh World.


Our dedicated Team SMATh, driven by core values, is bridging the gap between web2 and web3. We're focused on enhancing the onboarding experience and broadening the global reach of 3D NFTs.


A testament to our excellence is our invitation to the 2023 Gwangju Design Biennale, attended by an average of 300,000 visitors and featuring 189 companies from 50 countries. Our NFTs, in collaboration with brands like LG OLED, stand out for their intricate details and sheer brilliance.


Our unique NFT clothing designs have led to collaborations with top international projects, setting the stage for the future of fashion in the web3 world. We pride ourselves on our in-house capabilities, from design conception to content development, backed by the industry's premier render farm.


Highlighting our commitment, we've partnered with KOMSCO, allowing us to infuse our NFTs with high-quality gold stored securely at the Korean Mint. After making a mark in the Korean market, we're thrilled to showcase our distinctive NFTs globally.


We've also collaborated with Hyundai Duty Free & Department Store, one of Korea's elite retailers. We invite you to acquire our NFTs during your Korea visit, offering a digital asset complemented by a gold-embedded physical card. Plus, our alliance with Gangnam's leading dermatologists offers NFT holders an exclusive 20% skincare discount.


Imagine a perfect day in Korea, starting with a SMATh World NFT purchase, rejuvenating skincare, a delightful dinner, and a serene hotel stay. Join our vibrant community and enjoy the myriad benefits we offer.


As a forward-thinking initiative, we're on a quest to make history. For inquiries or more insights, join our Discord channel. We appreciate your interest and eagerly await your arrival at SMATh World.

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